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In our online course, we teach you the central concept of the “Top Book in the World on Success and Achievement-Think and Grow Rich  And how to apply that central concept using our patented 12 minute a day mental technique called ThinkItBeIt. This is applying “science” to your life, to UP your success. An idea most people have never thought of doing. It’s science that was profiled on the cover of Time magazine.

Our course is called “The Entrepreneur ‘Success Formula.’ The foundation for creating the Exceptional Life.” The first thing we impact is your income. The course was created specifically for entrepreneurs who are netting six figures a year, but who have never crossed over the threshold of making over $1 million a year.

But it materially impacts your romantic relationship and controlling your health and appearance at the same time. This is a new way of “thinking”, a new way of doing life.

Learning this 12 minute day mental technique gives you an “advantage” in life, an unfair EDGE. Seriously!

This is for serious players in the “game of life”. People driven to achieve more. Is that you? If so, this course is for you.


So, what’s different with our course?

Everything else in the success and human achievement field are “Strategies” and affect your intentions. But intentions are not the problem in creating even more success and achievement in your life. It’s your daily actions and thoughts.

Over the last 20 years, there has been intense interest in the scientific community as to what separates the mega-achievers from everyone else. And what separates the mega-achievers from the moderately successful is CONTROL of SELF and FOCUS. Exactly what our course teaches.

This course creates a tool for you that you can literally hold in your hand. It’s that tangible. And it’s custom-made to your one-of-a-kind life.

And what’s most significant is it impacts your everyday actions and ongoing thoughts-the ultimate determinants of your success and achievement in each area of your life.

Best of all, it’s based on proven science – that was profiled on the cover of Time Magazine.


If you’re interested in taking our course.


The 7 things you get in this course

1) Our 12 minute a day technique CUSTOMIZED to your life.                                                                The “TEMPLATE”

We give  you the template required to condense your life down to one sheet of paper, front and back. On the front is the ideal you in the five key areas of your life. On the back, the improvements in each area and your top three goals. 

Each day you feed yourself exactly the person you want to be, exactly what you want to accomplish, and precisely how you’re achieving your clearly defined goals. After 21 days, your everyday actions and ongoing thoughts coalesce around the person you want to be and your goals. It happens automatically without thinking.

End result? It ups success and achievement in career, health, and romantic relationship all at the same time.

NOTE: To the “want to be” entrepreneur.
In addition to the Template for the seasoned entrepreneur, we’ve also created a visualization Template specifically for the “want to be” entrepreneur.

2) Top Goalsetting system in the world.

It’s built into our 12 minute a day “Visualization Template”. It clearly defines your TOP 3 goals each quarter, along with the WHY behind each goal. That directly affects your motivation. Then the key behaviors associated with each goal, along with weekly tracking. Its strength is its simplicity.

3) Personal Growth provided TO YOU – every Monday morning

It’s 1-2 hours of great audio content. In key areas for an entrepreneur-marketing and sales, employee empowerment, and time efficiency. Best of all, you don’t have to go find it. We provide it to you, at 8am each Monday morning. And we teach you how to listen to it by the end of the week, so it takes NO ADDITIONAL TIME out of your busy schedule. This is a true “gem” of our program and a real GAME CHANGER.

4) A way to stimulate your CREATIVITY 2 times a week.

Using a simple system we incorporate into your life.

5) Daily and weekly TO DO system- customized to your life.

That focuses you on your TOP 3  priorities each day and week. End result is you are laser focused daily ONLY on the 2-3 things that move the needle. Then the needle actually moves!

6) The 10 lessons you absolutely must know as an entrepreneur… in order to make over $1 million a year.

This course represents over 50 years of entrepreneurial experience, that saw many years of netting 6 figures a yr go to netting over 5 million dollars a year. And more importantly, why that happened. Both co-creators of this course are where you want to go-making over $1 million a year.

 7) Exceptional “Quality Control” checklist.

We make the bold promise that the end product of this course, your daily visualization, will give you the foundation to earn over $1 million a year. We take that very seriously because by making that claim, our reputation is on the line.

Accordingly, we created an thorough quality control checklist that you will run the final version of your visualization through. It ensures that your end product is to the quality it needs to be to produce the results you expect and want.

Should you do this course?

You probably have two questions. First, will it work on me? And secondly, am I willing to spend 12 minutes a day . . . to create an even higher level of success and achievement in my life?

Will it work on me?

Take this question off the table. Of course it will work on you. It works 100% of time, it can’t NOT  work. It’s pure science. And the logic is too persuasive for it not to work. It’s based on the central concept of the greatest selling book on success and achievement ever written – Think and Grow Rich. “What you envision in detail on a daily basis is what shows up in your life.”

This one concept has created more millionaires and billionaires than any other concept on the planet. And this course is recognized as the “Top Practical Application in the world” of this legendary book.

Secondly, it applies science to your life. Science profiled on the cover of Time Magazine. You’ve never tried to increase success and achievement in each area of your life by applying science to your life. Yet 20 years of research shows that the differentiator between the mega successful and the moderately successful is Control of Self and Focus. Exactly what this course teaches.

And thirdly, it’s common sense that it will work. Our 12 minute day methodology affects your daily actions and ongoing thoughts. Which ultimately determine your success in career, controlling your health and appearance, and your significant other relationship. The life that evolves for you in each area is simply a reflection of your daily actions and thoughts over time. Common sense!

Are you willing to spend 12 minutes a day?

To create an even higher level of success and achievement in your life. For most people, more success is merely a preference. But for some, it’s an absolute necessity. So as you evaluate doing this course, it really does come really down to one simple question. Is creating the Exceptional life in career, health , and your significant other relationship worth 12 minutes a day? It either is, or it isn’t. If it is, you’re doing this course! The logic is too persuasive not to.

So often, people sleepwalk through life. They hear something that makes sense but they take no action.

This course is a different way of “Doing Life.” A different way of thinking. Don’t let this rare opportunity to materially improve your life pass you by.

It’s your time!

Enroll now and learn how to break through to 7 figures a year.