High-Performance Coaching

Hard work doesn’t work. While it works for making six figures a year, it doesn’t work for making seven. As evidence of that, look at what separates the mega-achievers from everyone else. It’s not hard work!

Rather, it’s Control of Self and Focus. This is based on 30 years of scientific study of the mega-achievers.

Your talents and best thinking got you to the level of success you’re at right now. But your lack of control of self and focus, along with bad habits, hold you back from that even higher level of success you seek.

In our High-Performance Coaching sessions, we focus on building high-performance habits that will show up automatically, without thinking, in your thoughts and actions every day, using our proven 12 minute day methodology. We educate you in the following areas:

  • Psychology (how the mind works, how to sharpen your mind, and the way you use it).
  • Physiology (education regarding body, brain, fitness, health & nutrition- for increased energy to support and facilitate your high-performance life).
  • Productivity (how to get more done and manage the stress in your life). Applied to employees as well as to customers. (Focus on people skills, conflict management, and “influence” techniques regarding sales).
  • Purpose (activating the alignment and direction of your life with the purpose in your life).

In our 90-day coaching program, we apply “SCIENCE” to your life …FOR YOU, and customize it to your unique, one-of-a-kind life. It’s a three-step process:

You answer our detailed questionnaire.

It helps us understand who you are and where you want to go – both in your business and your personal life.

We create your customized daily visualization …FOR YOU.

We recognize time is your most valuable commodity. Rather than teaching you how to create your own visualization, we do it for you.

In a very practical way, we apply the central concept of the top book in the world on success and achievement ever written  (Think and Grow Rich) to your precious life. That concept is – what you envision in detail, on a daily basis, is what shows up in your life.

Every day you will feed to yourself, via the visualization we create for you, exactly the person you want to be, exactly what you want to accomplish, and precisely how you’re going to achieve your clearly defined goals.


If your visualization is already created, from either our online course or our “We’ll do it for you” option, we give you a credit for the amount you’ve already spent. It goes towards the cost of our high-performance coaching program.

Weekly coaching call

You’re applying science to your life, probably for the first time that. We’re training your brain to operate at a higher level each and every day. As you go through the process, we explain the science and the impact it’s having on you. Our coaching sessions are focused on reinforcing the strategy and tactics articulated in your daily visualization. And fine-tuning them.  These sessions are no-nonsense, and designed to get you from where you are today to your next level of success. In the shortest time possible.


Our coaching program will materially impact your success and achievement in your career, so you’ll have the “foundation” to net over $1 million a year.

It will also impact controlling the other key areas of your life such as your health and appearance, as well as your significant other relationship.  All at the same time.

This is achieved by applying science, in a very simple way, to influence your “everyday” actions and ongoing thoughts around your goals and the person you want to be. In 21 days, the magic starts to happen. That’s when the science kicks in, and your thoughts and actions become aligned with your goals and the person you want to be. And those desired thoughts and actions then show up automatically, without thinking. End result – success outcomes increase in each area of your life.

By invitation only

We only work with people that exhibit 3 qualities:

1) More success is a necessity, not a preference.

For most people, more success is merely a preference. Only a person who feels it’s a necessity will spend 12 minutes a day programming themselves for success.

2) Being your best is your identity.

3) You see the way you’re creating success isn’t working to your high standards.

Our coaches themselves have made over $1 million a year

Entrepreneurs who join our coaching program have one clear intention in mind. To go from making six figures a year to making over $1 million a year. Our coaches have been where you want to go.

And it’s powerful when you have an outside third party, who is a sophisticated entrepreneur in his or her own right, look at your business. It’s powerful for two reasons:

1) It’s someone other than you, who’s more objective and impartial.

Oftentimes you are too close to your own business. You can’t see the forest for the trees, so that third-party objectivity is very beneficial to you.

2) Our experience as successful entrepreneurs may be greater than yours.

The benefit to you is you don’t have to learn everything the hard way – through the school of hard knocks. We can apply our wisdom and experience to your unique business, and you reap the rewards.

This is the “Alternative” to traditional coaching.  

Most coaching programs go on month after month. They are focused on holding the person being coached to a higher level of accountability. While that can be valuable, that’s not what most high achievers want.

Ideally, what you really want is to learn a way to operate at a higher level each and every day. Something that is easily doable – in 12 minutes a day. Using a methodology that’s based on compelling science to influence the ultimate determinants of your success and achievement in each area of your life- your everyday actions and ongoing thoughts.

The result is that after 90 days, you are experiencing outcomes significantly greater than what you were experiencing before. It’s the result of applying science to your life and coupling it with the guiding hand of an entrepreneur who has been where you want to go.

And as to accountability? Through the 12 minute a day system we teach, you hold yourself accountable, rather than a third-party holding you accountable.

Beyond the 90-days, we’re here to support you through quarterly success strategy tune-ups and the refinement of your daily visualization each quarter.

We’ve found that once you complete your 90-day High- Performance Coaching Program, tune-ups are all you need. This isn’t the type of engagement that takes months upon months or even years to see the outcome. And it isn’t designed to keep you dependent on us. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and science, so you can operate at a higher level each and every day, and have the foundation to earn over $1 million a year.

What you learn in our coaching program:

Along with building high-performance habits in the areas previously mentioned, we teach you a way to significantly increase your control over yourself. Most people easily double their control over themselves, with much more discipline. This happens automatically, without thinking. And you gain a laser daily focus ONLY on the two – three things that move the needle in your business. All distractions fall by the wayside.

You also learn how to build and evolve your unique “strategy for success” in your business. A way that advances it 20 times faster than it does today. That happens from deliberately and with intention feeding your strategy for success to your subconscious mind every day. Your subconscious mind then constantly challenges and refines it in a way that pulls it forward in a way you’ve never experienced before.

And that’s combined with implementing into your life FOR YOU the top goalsetting system in the world. Where your top three goals are defined, along with the “WHY” behind each goal. That directly impacts your motivation. Then the key behaviors associated with each goal. And lastly, timeframe and measurement. You’ve never done goalsetting like this. It’s powerful and highly effective. This is for people who are serious about making things happen.

You also learn a simple method that stimulates your creativity two times a week. A lot of times, this is where the magic happens with new insights that appear. We systemize that process.

Another critical component is we establish a consistent weekly personal growth program into your life, that takes no additional time out of your busy schedule. We provide you with the content every Monday morning and teach you how integrate it into your daily routine without taking any more time out of your already very busy day.

To be a successful entrepreneur netting over in $1 million a year, you absolutely have to be growing consistently, each and every week. This keeps you from being a closed loop. When you add consistent personal growth on top of our 12-minute day methodology that impacts your everyday actions and ongoing thoughts, watch what happens. It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Further, if you’re organizationally challenged -and not as organized as you’d like and need to be, we also provide a simple daily and weekly to do system. If focuses you every day on the two – three things that move the needle in your business. And a key component of this system is it’s customized to your unique life, and it schedules a time for each of your activities during the day, rather than simply making a list of them. The difference is profound.

And lastly, we teach you the 10 lessons of being an entrepreneur that you absolutely must know …in order to make over $1 million a year. Practical, real-world lessons, tips, and strategies that are proven to work.

The end result?

You have a true “Success Formula”, based on science (that was profiled on the cover of Time Magazine) running your life. You will operate at a higher level each and every day. And it impacts all the key areas of your life at the same time –  your career, your health and controlling your appearance, as well as your significant other relationship. And to top it off, it applies the top book in the world ever written on success and achievement, the legendary book Think and grow Rich, to your precious life.

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