To the entrepreneur

You’re successful. You’re proud of that, as you should be.

But there’s a problem. You want a truly “Exceptional Life,” and you see that earning six figures a year just won’t get you there. That “Exceptional Life” can only happen “if” you begin making over $1 million a year.

The reason that’s not happening today is not your fault. You’ve been missing one key piece of information, and it causes you to have less than 20% control of yourself. Let me show you how making one small change in your life can exponentially change your results.

When I turned 50, I wasn’t as successful as I thought I should be. Can you relate? But what to do about it? I decided to find the top book in the world on success and achievement and apply it, word for word, to my life. That book is Think and Grow Rich. Things then changed.

Over 9 years, I was blessed to build a $25 million a year business. It started as a one-man operation, with no revenues, no profits. I ultimately had 175 employees & netted over $5 million a year. Previously, for the prior 20 years, I had only average, “6 figure a year” success as an entrepreneur. Here’s how that impacts you.

I was determined to begin making over $1 million a year. But I realized it wouldn’t happen unless I materially “upped” my game, and began operated at an even higher level each and every day. I was able to do that by creating a 12 minute a day methodology …that YOU can replicate.

Today our 12-minute-a-day methodology is recognized as the “Top Application in the World” of the legendary book Think and Grow Rich, the greatest selling book on success and achievement ever written.

As you consider this for yourself, understand that this is ONLY for people who are serious about increasing their success in life. Where more success and achievement is an absolute necessity! For most people, more success is merely a “preference”. If you’re the exception,  let me tell you more of my story and the story of my partner, Kelly Hatfield.

John Mitchell

More of John Mitchell’s story

Have you ever stepped back from your life and assessed, from a big picture standpoint, how it’s going?  Not a bad thing to do.

When I turned 50, I did just that. What I found was I wasn’t as successful as I thought I should be. And I didn’t know why.

I had two goals in my life. To make enough money so I’d never have to work, and to find the woman of my dreams. At 50, I was falling short on both.

Kelly Hatfield’s story

I was introduced to entrepreneurship in the 10th grade, through the Diversified Education Club of America (DECA). I won the “Small Business Prospectus” competition, was hooked, and knew that one day I would own my own business.

John’s Story, Continued

As an entrepreneur, I was blessed to always make well into six figures a year. But never close to a million dollars a year. On finding the girl, at 50 I had never been married. But I can tell you it wasn’t for lack of interviewing. I did a lot of interviewing. Just couldn’t find the right one.

I started my career as a CPA. By the age of 30, I became an entrepreneur.  I started out in real estate development, around a tax shelter idea. That evolved to owning a bank. Then when the banking and real estate industry went in the tank in the late 80s, I shifted gears. Probably like you’ve shifted gears a time or two.

I then started buying small operating companies. The first one was a restaurant. I know what you’re thinking. What could be a worse idea? Well, I thought the same thing. But I was able to structure it to be a no-lose situation. After owning it for three years, it was voted “Most Romantic Restaurant” in Dallas. I can tell you, it was fun to be single and owning the most romantic restaurant in Dallas.

Then I evolved into the publishing business, which was followed by getting into the automotive industry.

In all those various businesses I was blessed to typically make, on average, $250,000 a year. But never close to a million dollars a year. 

In my 30s, I thought big bucks were just around the corner when I found the right thing.

Then in my 40s, I shifted my focus to simply “doing my best.” That’s something I actually controlled. But that didn’t bring big success either – because I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

So when I turned 50, here’s what I was feeling.                                 

I was frustrated only making six figures a year.

You may be feeling that same frustration today yourself.

Then a defining moment happened, three days after I turned 50. Picture this. You’re in your office and you kick back, you’ve got your feet on your desk, and you do the math.

You realize that if you don’t start netting over $1 million a year, you’ll never have enough money to have full control of your life. Never have the freedom to create that “Exceptional Life” you’d always dreamed of.

For me the exceptional life was the paid for, multimillion dollar house on the lake.  A life with a nest egg that gave me financial security and peace of mind. A life where I could spend money on whatever I wanted (within reason) and not have to worry about it.

And more than anything, a life of freedom, where I could get up each and every day and do exactly what I wanted to do …rather than what I had to do. Isn’t that the ultimate goal for all of us?

I wanted a life enjoying my hobbies, playing golf and playing blues guitar. For you, what lights your fire might be a life exploring the world – taking month-long vacations to places like Lake Como in Italy or exploring the Galapagos Islands for a month or two.

I also wanted the opportunity to create a life with real meaning and purpose. As you get older, that becomes more and more important.

And I knew that having that “life of meaning” started with having a great relationship with my significant other. As you know, it’s the most important external factor to one’s own happiness. Above everything else! By being untethered from having to earn a living 60 hours a week, I could devote the time and focus to really create a great relationship with that precious girl. 

Secondly, I could go even further in creating a life of meaning by helping people less fortunate than myself, who didn’t have the advantages I had. 

But none of these things could happen unless I started consistently making seven figures a year. As I turned 50, this hit me like a ton of bricks. And it was clear, I had to make it happen in my 50s. The pressure was now officially on! At the time, I didn’t like the pressure. But as you’ll learn later, that pressure was pivotal.

So I made a decision.

Working hard didn’t cut it. While it might work for making 6 figures a year, clearly it didn’t work for making 7 figures a year.

I clearly had to fundamentally change the way I created success in my life. But how?

Then a pearl of wisdom and enlightenment hit me.  Why not find the top book in the world on success ever written. The #1 book on success and achievement. And then apply it, to the letter, to my life? The logic was so simple and compelling.

So after some research, I found that there actually “is” one book that excels over all others on this topic. It’s Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Over 100 million copies sold. But most importantly, this book has the unique “claim to fame” of creating more millionaires and billionaires than any other book on the planet!

So I read it. And that central concept is what you envision in detail, on a daily basis, is what shows up in your life.

But then I discover a problem. A big problem! There wasn’t a practical way to apply the book.

Normally if I read a book and there wasn’t a practical way to apply it, I would’ve given up. But not this time. The pressure from “doing the math”  was kicking in. I had to find the solution now! There wasn’t a better alternative, and I knew it.

And fortunately, now the universe was cooperating with me. At roughly this same time, I had also just discovered an intriguing niche in the financial services industry. I had the perfect test case.

So as I launched my latest entrepreneurial venture, I was intent on applying the book’s profound central concept. “What you envision in detail, on a daily basis, is what shows up in your life.”

Over the next few weeks I developed a 12 minute a day methodology to apply this concept to my new business. It was daily programming that would override the default operating system that gears you to daily survival. We’ll talk about it more in the lessons from my story.

This 12 minute day methodology gave me a 21st century operating system that geared me to productivity, creativity, and happiness.

The dream appeared.

Over nine years I continually tweaked my 12 minute day methodology. And over that nine years, my income went from low six figures a year to over $5 million a year. Quite a change from my 20 year history of making low six figures a year. It was a 25 times increase. I felt so blessed. I finally had the lifestyle I always dreamed of.

Even better, I could see why the transformative change was happening. By applying science to my life for the first time ever, I was actually influencing my daily actions. That was significant because, as we all know, your everyday actions ultimately determine your success and achievement in life.

Clearly I operating at a higher level than I ever had before, and it was happening each and every day. I could feel it. I felt like I had doubled my control over myself. Further, I was focused, and I mean laser focused, only on the two – three things that move the needle in my business. All distractions fell by the wayside.

And the best news was unrelated to my career. I also met the woman of my dreams from applying my methodology.

And the results really changed me as entrepreneur. I became fascinated by the fact that you could take two key scientific principles and apply them to your life and materially impact your success and achievement in life.

It amazed me that you could make such a small change ….yet radically change your outcomes.

And it only took 12 minutes a day.

I found it so intellectually interesting that I sold my company. Then a few months later, I met the former Chancellor and president at the University of Texas at Austin. I told him my story. He said “you have to teach this methodology at the University of Texas.” And why don’t we teach it together?”

And that fueled something else that was then really percolating within me. I wanted to make my “dent in the universe.” I felt so incredibly blessed by what had happened, that I passionately wanted to help others. I wanted to share what I had learned, so other entrepreneurs like you could be even more successful than you already are.

To help you take the next step up. To that elusive “exceptional life” that we hear so much about, but which few know how to achieve.

As you will see, it’s actually easier than you think. 12 minutes a day.

The 8 lessons and “Takeaways” from my story

LESSON #1: Why does this 12 minute day methodology really work?

Because it affects your everyday actions …and thoughts.

Let me share with you something I bet you know, but that haven’t really thought about lately. The actual success and achievement that you experience in life always comes down to your daily actions. Think about that for a moment. So obvious – right?

And that illustrates the problem with most things in the success and human achievement field. Typically they are “strategies” and they only impact your intentions. But intentions are NOT the problem. It’s influencing one’s everyday actions …and thoughts that impacts a person’s success and achievement in life.

And that’s what makes the Think It Be It, 12 minute day methodology so different from everything else in the success and human achievement field.

One final but significant point. To put this in perspective, this is the most proven  “Success Formula” that mankind has ever known. Something that works consistently every time with every person. I know that sounds like an exaggeration – right? But it’s absolutely true. And the book Think and Grow Rich has the numbers to back that up that amazing claim. And that’s the profound thing I want you to appreciate.

This 12 minute day methodology your learning about today is recognized  as a “Top Practical Application in the World” of that legendary book. And its value TO YOU, the driven entrepreneur, is it truly gives you the foundation to go from making six figures a year…to over $1 million a year. Just like it did for me. You’ll operate at a higher level each and every day, and it will show up in your annual income.

  1. To impact your success and achievement in life, you have to impact your daily actions…and thoughts.

LESSON #2: Why wasn’t I more successful in my 30s and 40s?

I was being an entrepreneur like everyone else.

Working really hard (60 hours week) but ultimately leaving my success to fate.  I was operating on the misguided assumption that if I kept working really hard, inevitably I would have that “breakthrough”. Then I’d begin making over one million dollars a year. Are you leaving your success to fate?

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re not making over million dollars a year, it’s not your fault. You’ve been missing one key piece of information, and it causes you to have less than 20% control of yourself. Let me show you how making one small change in your life can exponentially change your results.

Respectfully, what you need, is a simple way to “work smarter.”

A way to overcome a fundamental problem we all have. Unless you’re doing daily programming, you’re using an antiquated operating system to run your life that is centuries old.

It gears you to daily survival, where 90% of your thoughts are fear-based. It also causes you to have less than 20% control of yourself, because you’re innately programmed to be “reactive” rather than proactive.

And that would make sense. If you’re geared to daily survival, you’re constantly on the lookout for dangers. You have to be reactive. And while that keeps you alive, is daily survival really that important to you in today’s world?

It’s not, and this innate programming causes you to be the opposite of how you need to be in order to get things done and be happy.  When you understand this fundamental problem and then fix it, everything changes.

  1. Don’t be an entrepreneur like everyone else.
  2. Work smarter. Don’t leave your success to fate.
  3. Override the operating system that gears you to daily survival with the Think It Be it technique that takes 12 minutes a day.

LESSON #3: To have big success, you can’t do “LIFE” like everyone else.

Doing the math at 50 made me deal with a fundamental issue. How important was big success to me? Was it a necessity, or merely a preference? Think about that regarding your own life.

After some soul-searching, I came to a decision. Big success was a necessity for me. I wanted freedom, I wanted an exceptional life, and I ultimately wanted to make a “dent in the universe” with my precious life. And, by God, I was going to have big success. I was fixing the problem of having only moderate success. No ands, ifs, or buts.

As I searched for the solution, three important things hit me. First, if I kept on doing what I’d always been doing, I was going to keep getting the same six-figure a year results.  So it was clear. I was going to have to do something significantly different than I’d ever done before. Have you ever thought that as well?

Secondly, the fundamental way I was creating success simply didn’t work, at least not to my standard. How about you? Is the way you’re creating success and achievement, in all areas of your life, working to the standard you require?

Step back from your life and objectively look at the actual result that are showing up in your life. Doing so helped me stop looking at my life with rose-colored glasses.

And I bet you come to the same conclusion I did with regards to your career.

While the “work hard” approach works for making six figures a year, it doesn’t work for making over $1 million a year.

And that realization led to the third thing I came to appreciate. The fundamental way most people create success and achievement in their lives simply doesn’t work. At least not for creating an “Exceptional Life.” If you do life like everyone else, of course you’re going to get an average life. How could you not? 99% probability.

The statistics are that 99% of people make less than $460,000 a year and only one third of 1% make over a million dollars a year.

So clearly you need a different way of creating success and achievement in your life …if you want to create an “Exceptional Life.” You need a new way of thinking.

As I pondered this issue more deeply in my own life, something came to me that most of us miss. I saw that the level of success and achievement each of us experiences in our life is ultimately determined by what’s going on in our head on an ongoing basis.

The science of achievement proves this from over 20 years of research.

The differentiator between the mega-successful and the moderately successful is control of self and focus.

Therefore if you’re able to substantially increase your control over yourself and your focus, then you have a true “advantage” in life over everyone else. But how do you do that?

In seeking the solution at 50, I came to realize something I’d like you to consider as well. Clearly the solution wasn’t in my head. Because if it was, I would’ve already discovered it and been more successful.

I realized the solution had to come from the outside. Someone had to wake me up to the solution. I needed to find wisdom outside of my own head …that would truly impact my success and achievement in life. 

But where to look? In pursuing that search, I came to appreciate that we live in a world of clutter today. Everything is the “greatest” and overhyped. Various success “gurus” out there telling people how to make a seven-figure income, when they’ve never netted seven figures themselves.

I wrestled with where to find the answer from a credible and reliable source for 3 months. I’ll share with you how I found the answer in the next lesson.

In the meantime…

  1. More success needs to be a priority, not merely a preference.
  2. You need to step back and evaluate the actual results you’re seeing in your life.
  3. If you’re doing life like everyone else, you’re going to get an average life.
  4. Your success is determined by what’s going on in your head on an ongoing basis.
  5. The solution for how to take your success to an even higher level is not in your own head today. If it was, you’d already be even more successful.

LESSON #4: My “aha moment”….may be for YOU as well.

As I mentioned in my story, in a moment of immense clarity, I asked myself this simple question. Why not find the top book in the world on success ever written? Find the #1 book on success and achievement, and then apply it to my life? Good idea, right?  The logic was so simple, profound, and compelling.

So after some research, I found that there actually “is” one book that excels over all others on this topic. It’s Think and Grow Rich. It’s the greatest selling book on success and achievement ever written. Over 100 million copies sold.

The central concept is what you envision in detail on a daily basis is what shows up in your life. That one concept has created more millionaires and billionaires than any other concept. That’s maybe the greatest “claim to fame” this book has going for it.

The aha moment for me was actually stepping back and fully appreciating how profound that one fact really was.

That this one concept really had actually created more millionaires and billionaires than any other concept.

It made solving my dilemma of how to create big success in my life simple. Just apply, word for word, the most proven “success formula” ever developed in the history the world to my own life. That was the aha moment.

And here’s what’s really interesting. This concept from Think and Grow Rich is the opposite of how most people create achievement in their lives. Most have only a general view of the person they want to be, a general view of what they want to accomplish, and a general view of how they’re going to achieve their goals.

As you can imagine, appreciating this difference really resonated with me. That’s because it had become abundantly clear to me that you can’t do life like everyone else ….if you want an exceptional life. I bet you’re coming to appreciate that as well. The fact that it’s the opposite of how most people create success in their life should tell you you’re probably on to something.

In addition to that central concept, I also incorporated the five other key parts of the book Think and Grow Rich into my Think It Be It methodology.                                             

  1. A way to increase your ongoing personal growth. A way to get a consistent flow of great ideas from true experts flowing into your head each and every week. In key areas you need to know as an entrepreneur. Like marketing, sales, building a culture, and time efficiency. Best of all, a way to do it that takes no additional time out of your busy day.
  2. A way to consistently stimulate your own creativity three times a week. Using a system.
  3. A way to focus daily only on the 2-3 things that actually move the needle in your business. So all other distractions fall by the wayside.
  4. A way to get more hours in your day by having a higher level of daily organization and time efficiency.
  5. A unique way to do goalsetting that’s way more effective and simple than anything you’ve tried in the past.
  1. Apply the book Think and Grow Rich to your own life. It’s most proven “success formula” ever developed in the history of the world. The logic is compelling. And I feel blessed to be able to say that my 12 minute day methodology is recognized as the “Top Practical Application in the World” of this legendary book.
  2. Create success in your life in a way that is the exact opposite of how most people do it.

LESSON #5: The best part of making over $1 million a year. It’s not what you think.

The outward changes were obvious. I had the lifestyle I always dreamed of. For me it was the paid for, multimillion dollar house on the lake that I feel so blessed to share with my beautiful, precious wife. The new Jaguar convertible. The cool vacations, like spending a month in Italy at Lake Como. What would the lifestyle be for you?

But the inward changes were even more impactful.

I saw what any enlightened soul would discover. The inward changes are, by far, more meaningful than the material rewards.

The freedom from financial worry was finally over. After 30+ years! The peace of mind. Now I finally had the after-tax nest egg sitting in the bank. My investments generated income beyond what I spent each month. Financial worry was gone. What a wonderful thing to lift from my shoulders. I could spend money on whatever I wanted (within reason) without worrying about it. Money is a nonissue. Such a wonderful feeling to savor. You’ll savor this as well.

But here’s the most significant thing you’ll experience. The ongoing feeling of pride.

I felt a true “sense of accomplishment” from having the presence of mind to change my trajectory. To proactively, and with intention, change what I was previously doing. Then, once I figured out exactly what to do, to have the discipline to make this one small change in my life. It only took 12 minutes a day, but it changed everything.

Picture yourself doing the exact same thing. You’ll feel that same sense of accomplishment.

It’s truly amazing. And that sense of accomplishment is constantly flowing through your veins. It’s with you all the time. For me, it created a level of confidence beyond what I’d ever experienced before. And because that sense of accomplishment was the greatest gift I ever received, I make it a point today to savor it every single day.

You’ll truly feel great about yourself, yet in a blessed and humbling way. That’s something money can’t buy.

For the first time in my life, I finally had freedom. The daily grind was over, and I finally had the freedom to spend my time anyway I wanted. I began getting up at 8 instead of 5:30 AM, as I had done most of my life. I finally had time to enjoy my hobbies – playing blues guitar with a band. For you it might be playing golf or traveling.

I also had the time to spend with my significant other, to spend the focused time and effort to make that part of my life great as well. For the first time ever, I had created a balanced life. You’ll create a balanced life as well.

As far as work, if you do choose to continue to work, your primary job now is providing the “Big Picture” direction for your company. Which, by the way, I found gets stimulated every time you’re taking one of those great vacations.

Now the heavy lifting of running your company is shifted to other people’s shoulders. And you do what you do best, leveraging your talents in a way you never could before. You’re working 30 hours a week instead of the 60+ hours a week you have for most your life. Your enjoyment of your work goes up exponentially.

And because you feel so incredibly blessed, guess what else happens? You want to give back. You want to help others who will help themselves. For me it’s been starting a foundation called “A Better Life Foundation” to help single moms. What would it be for you?

  1. The best thing about earning seven figures a year are not the lifestyle benefits-but rather the control over your life, the freedom, the sense of accomplishment.

LESSON #6: A “shortcut to success” for you …discovered from the pressure I experienced at 50.

In my story, I mentioned that once I turned 50 and did the math, the pressure was on. I had to create a higher level of success and achievement in my life in my 50s, otherwise I would never have the exceptional life I always wanted. At the time, I thought that pressure was a bad thing. It actually was a good thing. Here’s why.

Interestingly, some of the most significant discoveries and achievements in the history of mankind have happened when the person making the discovery was under pressure due to a time deadline. This has been proven repeatedly.

I now see that the pressure I put myself under when I turned 50 played out in three significant ways:

  • It made me fundamentally examine how I created success and achievement in my life. I know I mentioned this before. But who ever really does that, steps back and objectively thinks that deeply about their life? The pressure made me think about it way deeper than I ever had before.
  • It created that “moment of clarity” to go find the top book in the world on success and achievement ever written. The book that had created more millionaires and billionaires than any other book. It solved exactly the problem I was trying to solve. I don’t think that “moment of clarity” would’ve come were it not for the pressure.
  • It caused me to develop the practical application of the book. Normally, if I read a book and there wasn’t a practical application, I would’ve put it down and gone to something else. The pressure made me developed a practical application myself, because there wasn’t a better alternative.

Here’s why those three things are significant FOR YOU. The insights I got about creating success and achievement, when I was under pressure, were life altering. Wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t under the pressure. But you can take those same insights and apply them to your precious life when the pressure isn’t as great. Think about that. The logic is compelling!

  1. You can benefit from the lessons I learned on how to be even more successful when I was under the pressure of …. “it’s now or never.”

LESSON #7: Applying this 12 minute day methodology to an entrepreneur. Exactly how to do it.

When I was in my 30s and 40s if you had asked me to rate myself as an entrepreneur, I would’ve rated myself an “8” on a scale of 1 to 10. Primarily because I worked harder than my friends. Also because in my 40s, I did something I thought was smart. I focused on always “doing my best.” But I later discovered the problem with that is that you don’t know what you don’t know. And that can limit your outcomes, especially if you’re not growing consistently each and every week. You’re a closed loop – and that’s a problem.

But in my 50s, when I applied this 12 minute a day methodology to myself, I clearly saw why I was having 25 times greater results. I was operating at a significantly higher level each and every day.

It felt like I had doubled or tripled my control over myself. Science proves that all of us are typically operating with less than 20% control over themselves, unless we proactively do something to change that.

And I was laser focused each and every day ONLY on the 2-3 things that move the needle in my business. All other distractions fell by the wayside.

Further, I had a way of making my business vision expand and progress 20 times quicker than I ever could before. Here’s how I did that.

Every day I would feed to myself the following 5 things:

  1. My succinct business plan
  2. My unique strategy for success.
  3. The two or three things that move the needle in my business
  4. The culture I’m building.
  5. The linchpin – what’s currently holding my business back from going to the next level.

When you feed this to yourself every day, two things happen. First, your vision is easy to implement, because it’s so top of mind.

Secondly, as I mentioned, you will see your business vision evolve 20 times faster than it ever has before. The reason that happened is because it puts your subconscious mind to work on your business vision 24/7.

Constantly challenging and refining it. And when you add in consistent weekly personal growth like I did, it was like adding gasoline to the fire. It supercharges the advancement of your business vision.

The end result is you come to appreciate something pretty profound.

What you envision  in detail, you actually create. You’ll feel like you have a superpower that no one else seems to have.   

You feel like you have a real advantage in life, for the first time ever. By simply applying science to your life. That’s how I felt.

When I compared all that to how I operated in my 30s and 40s, in retrospect I see that I wasn’t anywhere close to the “8” I thought I was back then. I was closer to a “3” or “4”.

I share that with you because it may be instructive as you evaluate your own competency as an entrepreneur. It was humbling for me.

  1. In my 30s and 40s, I was under the delusion that I was an “8” on a scale of 1 to 10 as an entrepreneur. I was closer to a 3 or 4.

LESSON #8: So why isn’t everyone doing this, if it’s so easy?

It comes down to two things as you evaluate this.

  1. Will it really work?
    That is a logical thing to question when you first get introduced to Think It Be It. It sounds too easy – 12 minutes a day to radically change your life. I appreciate people’s skepticism because in this world of clutter and hype we live in today, everything is considered “the greatest.” But consider this.
    This methodology I’m sharing with you applies to your precious and one-of-a-kind life the central concept of the greatest selling book on success and achievement ever written. As I mentioned more than once, more millionaires and billionaires have been created from applying this book than any other book on the face of the planet.
    So do we need to go find something with even more credibility ….before you’ll give it a try? For most people, this rhetorical question makes the decision simple for them. Especially when you understand that you don’t have to figure out how to apply it to your life. We show you the step-by-step way to do that. No thinking or figuring it out on your part.

  3. Is more success a necessity or merely a preference? 
    This is the second thing to consider as you evaluate this.  For most people, more success is merely a preference. Most people will NOT spend 12 minutes a day on anything to increase their success and achievement in life.
    I learned this from Darren Hardy – the top expert in the world on success and achievement. A couple years after I created my 12 minute a day methodology, I decided I wanted to meet Darren Hardy. If he was the top expert in the world on success and achievement, I wanted his candid input on what I created. Were there flaws in it? Were there other products like it?
    Here’s what he told me.
    “What you’ve created is really good. Exceptional! But most people won’t spend 12 minutes a day on anything to increase their success and achievement in life. That’s the dirty little secret of the success and human achievement industry.”
    But he went on to share this. “That’s the case with most people. Entrepreneurs tend to be the exception. They will spend 12 minutes a day on impacting their success because they’ve had the courage to take control of their lives. That level of courage tells you that success is a necessity for them, rather than simply a preference as is the case with most people.”
    Hearing all that from Darren was really a shot in the arm to me as I devote my life today to sharing what I’ve created with entrepreneurs, so they can be even more successful.
    But it also made me realize candidly that is not for everyone.

    Here’s the three requirements you must exhibit as a person for Think It Be It to be appropriate for you:

  • More success is a necessity, not a preference.
  • Being your best is your identity. It’s who you are.
  • You see the way you’re create success isn’t working, to your standard.
  1. It’s natural to question whether this will work.
  2. The top expert in the world has personally looked at my 12 minute day methodology and said “it’s exceptional.”
  3. There are three things you must determine about yourself to determine if this is appropriate for you.

A final thought

I’ve now opened the door for you to take a deeper look at your own life. How you’re creating success and achievement. Is there a way to be even more successful than you already are? Significantly more successful.

When you learn more about Think It Be It, you will see that you can do exactly what I did. But it will be infinitely easier for you. Because I’ll be your guide. And you will then truly have “The Foundation” for netting seven figures a year.

I know that’s true because I saw the outcomes from creating that foundation in my life. And this can happen in your life as well because you’re just like me. Same frustrations, same desires, and just as hard working.

And you don’t have to worry that it won’t work on you. It works on everyone …because it’s pure science.

Once you feed your detailed vision to yourself every day, literally that’s all you have to do. In 21 days it starts showing up in your everyday actions and thoughts.

So the only discipline required by you is simply feeding that vision to yourself every day without fail. 12 minutes a day of discipline. That’s it. Science then takes over and that’s the life you create. It’s simply working smarter.

Sharing specifically how it works and why it works is my passion today, and I look forward to showing how you can apply it to your unique, one-of-a-kind life, so you can create that exceptional life for yourself.

Kelly’s Story:
The entrepreneurial path for me

It was slow. As certain as I was about owning my own business one day, I had fallen in love with a job in the recruiting industry. I was 22 years old. I stayed with the same company for over 13 years, moving through the ranks until I was at the top.

 But there was this itch I couldn’t scratch – the idea of owning my own business had never left me. Although I was doing very well financially, I knew that if I didn’t move on and start building my dream instead of someone else’s, I’d always regret it. So, I became an entrepreneur at 35.


Fast forward 10 years and 3 successful businesses later. I’ve evolved tremendously on this ride called entrepreneurship. The lessons I’ve learned along the way have shaped who I am as an entrepreneur, leader and person. I’ll admit, sometimes I wanted off the entrepreneur merry-go-round – the ups, the downs, the triumph of victory and the agony of defeat. Yet those were exactly the things I had asked for, when I decided to be an entrepreneur and ultimately, what I love about it.

The decision to play at a higher level

Although I’ve seen a lot of success as an entrepreneur, at 43 I had this feeling that there HAD to be more. I knew I was put on this earth to make a greater impact than I was making, and I wasn’t fully living up to my potential. But what did that really mean?

Then it came to me. I realized that while I enjoyed the recruiting industry, and had been very successful at it, it wasn’t my true passion. As Yogi Berra said, it was déjà vu all over again. I had that same feeling I had when I first became an entrepreneur. Again, I knew it was time to level up, and that fear of regret motivated me to go to the highest level of entrepreneurship, doing what I’m truly passionate about.

I knew what I loved to do. Serve others, learn, connect and impact and help others achieve their vision of success. Enter the world of podcasting and high-performance coaching.

In 2016 I launched the Absolute Advantage podcast, and my world and impact grew exponentially. As host of the Absolute Advantage podcast, I have the honor of gleaning the insight and wisdom from some of the best minds in business, regarding the process of creating success and achievement. It was through this podcast endeavor that John Mitchell and Think It Be It came into my life. And boy, did my life change for the better.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel like you’re in the right place at the right time? John and I connected immediately, and the concept behind Think It Be It intrigued me. Two things really caught my attention. First, this 12-minute day methodology was inspired by the greatest book ever written on success and achievement – Think and Grow Rich. John shared with me that this book has sold over 100 million copies worldwide, whereas the next bestselling book on success had sold under 10 million copies. Clearly it really was the top book in the world on success and achievement ever written. And John’s methodology is recognized today as the top application in the world of this legendary book.

The second thing that caught my attention was this 12-minute day methodology was science-based. In fact, Time Magazine had done a cover story on the science behind this methodology. The methodology teaches people how to influence the two factors that differentiate the mega-achievers from everyone else. Control of self and focus.

So, as we discussed the details of this 12-minute day methodology on the podcast, we made on agreement on air. I would implement Think It Be It into my life. Then I’d circle back with John to share my results (you can listen to our first encounter here.)

The results I saw

I implemented Think It Be It into my life and was blown away by the results. By investing just 12 minutes a day in myself, my life started to change quickly- and went from living a so-so life to an “Exceptional life.” My businesses improved – revenue and profit increased significantly because I was focused on the most valuable priorities.

My health improved and those last few pounds I’d been trying to lose melted off from noticeably more discipline.  My relationship improved because I was present and engaged, rather than just on auto-pilot.

My productivity went off the charts, and I was getting more done than I ever thought possible. I was focused and on a mission. I had re-programmed my brain to be laser focused on the few things I knew moved the needle.

Why did that happen?

Because for the first time ever, I was applying science to my life. I was deliberately, and with intention, influencing my daily actions …and thoughts. I came to appreciate the obvious. That the ultimate determinant of success in each area of my life was my “everyday actions and ongoing thoughts.”

John shared a great example with me. Let’s say you want to lose weight. How do you achieve success at that? It’s by impacting your everyday actions and ongoing thoughts regarding what you eat and exercising.

I saw that that same concept applied not only to my health, but to success in my career as well as success in my marriage. It was so obvious, yet I had never fully appreciated it at a conscious level.

What playing at a “higher level” meant …

Regarding my career

I discovered something particularly interesting when I applied this 12-minute day methodology to my career. I would feed to myself every day the following:

  • my succinct business plan
  • my unique “strategy for success.”
  • The two or three things that move the needle in my business.
  • My unique talent – and how that was playing out in my business.

Three things happen. First, my business plan was so easy to implement because it was so top of mind.

Secondly, I was focused solely on what moved the needle every day. All distractions fell by the wayside.

And thirdly, the most significant thing happened. My unique “strategy for success” started moving forward much quicker than it ever had before.

By feeding my strategy for success to myself each day, my subconscious mind was constantly challenging and refining it. I felt this momentum pulling me and my strategy forward, much quicker than it ever had before. What an impact that was.

So not only was I operating at a much higher level on a daily basis regarding my ongoing thoughts and actions, I now had a methodology for constantly refining and improving my direction. That combination showed up in the best way possible – a substantial boost in my annual income.

I came to appreciate something profound. I could do life like everyone else 23 hours and 48 minutes a day. But for 12 minutes a day, I was doing something radically different than everyone else. Applying science to my life, for the first time ever.

Where I am today… 

A desire to help you achieve the same results.

I became an owner and partner at Think It Be It because I was the perfect fit for John, and where he wanted to take Think It Be It. We have the exact same vision and passion.

The reason I wanted to be a part of this is because it’s way different than anything else in the success and human achievement field.

Everything else out there focused on increasing a person’s success and achievement are strategy based. But the problem everyone has in achieving a greater level of success and achievement is not “lack of strategies.” Rather, it’s lack of being able to implement those strategies in their everyday lives, so they show up in a person’s ongoing actions and thoughts.

Because that’s ultimately where the rubber meets the road. That’s the game changer, and that’s why I wanted to be a part of Think It Be It.

My passion today is helping you implement Think It Be It into your life and providing high-performance coaching. I know this will move the needle for you, and take you to the next level, just like it did for me and I look forward to working with you.


I’ve been blown away by what this course teaches and its impact. This is not a visualization where you talk to yourself and things magically appear. Rather, it’s a thorough evaluation of each area of your life. Then using the course’s great template, I’m feeding to myself every day exactly the person I want to be, what I want to accomplish, as well as how. I’ve seen the results! I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level.

Kim Garnett

This is the clearest, most productive and on track to hitting all of my targets that I have ever been! I really do feel like I have the foundation for making seven figures a year. I also easily lost 10 pounds in the 1st 30 days because it was built into the template and top of mind. THANK YOU for that. The Think It Be It course with your wisdom, the system, and brilliant template makes this hand down the best money I’ve ever spent! And I’ve done a lot of courses. I thought compressing my life down to one sheet of paper front and back was going to be hard but your template made it a breeze. I’ve been using it 12 minutes every morning for the past two months and seeing the impact in every area of my life.

Jamie Giordano

Looking back, before I started the Think It, Be It program, I can now see that did not focus my bandwidth at all. It was all over the place! I just let the day lead me… Now, after reading my visualization daily for only two weeks, I can already see the results. I am so much more focused and intentional with the wattage I expend during the day. No more frenetic Dave! I am much more on focused on the activities that I need to in order to achieve my goals and be the man I always dreamed of being. My actions are now purposeful and intentional, without really having to this about it. The science is kicking in! Thanks John and Kelly!

David Mammano

I read this thing each morning and just watch how my brain then changes my behavior every day without much thought. So simple but so powerful. I feel like I now have so much more control over my life than I ever did before from compressing my life down to one sheet of paper front and back and reading it 12 minutes a day. Huge impact on my life.

Dawn Erin

From taking this amazing course, I am so much more aware of my brainpower. I am so much more cautious about what I think and how I’m working on becoming a millionaire. It’s funny how I’ve told a couple people about how awesome this course is and how I recommended it. They think I’m crazy or selling fraud. One person said that ‘Is this one of those pyramid schemes?’ LOL. All that means is there’s is so much work for you guys to educate and teach people. And that makes me excited.

Melissa Rios

Other written testimonials

We feel blessed that so many people have taken our course and have had life-changing results. Listed below are a sampling of just some of the testimonials we have. If you would like even more, just ask. We welcome the opportunity to share them with you.

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As a six-figure a year entrepreneur, I get the point of this courseto give me the foundation to net over $1 million a year. Because I see until I do that, I really can’t create financial security. I’ve done the math.

This course has given me that foundation. And in stepping back, I appreciate how simple the concept is. Define the person you want to be, what you want to accomplish, and specifically how you’re going to achieve your goals. Then feed that to yourself each day. Easy to see how that would affect my daily thoughts and actions.

And as I realized once I really thought about it, that’s what determines a person success and achievement in each area of your life. So simple. It’s amazing to me that I can impact my life so substantially using this 12 minute day technique taught in this course.

—Nick Boyd

Pure genius by what you created in the customized visualization which impacts my daily thoughts and actions after 21 days.


—Fred Diamond

Having read Think and Grow Rich, I understand the importance and potential impact of incorporating the practice of a customized visualization into one’s daily routine. When you look across the board at people who have achieved great things, a large number them credit this simple practice as having substantial impact on their lives (and the lives of those around them).

While Think and Grow Rich offers a strong introduction to the importance of visualization, it’s lacking in details about how to concretely implement this practice into daily life.

Practical application of theThink It Be It course takes the conceptual teachings of Think and Grow Rich and provides a practical roadmap to create a method of visualization that is practiced for just 12 minutes a day. By deeply thinking about your goals for each area of your life, you create a visualization strategy that you read and use every single day.

I had an old teacher who used to say – you’ll never become tomorrow what you’re not becoming today. Think It Be It offers a constant reminder of the person you’re becoming and the goals you have for the most critical areas of your life, and provides a simple strategy to move closer to those goals each and every day.

After practicing the teachings in Think it Be it, I’ve already started to make significant changes in my life. Reinforcing the person who you are becoming to yourself daily – helps you make decisions in the moment that ultimately lead to you becoming who you truly wish to become.

The outcome I received was a better, more clear understanding of my goals and the life I want to live along with a method to reinforce this to myself each and every day so it shows up in my actions and thoughts.

I’d recommend Think It Be It course to anyone who wants to live a life beyond mediocrity – those people who are not satisfied with the status quo and who want to be the best version of themselves they can truly be.

—Nick Giovacchini

The Think It Be It course introduced me to ideas in science that I’d never seen regarding the impact of reading a daily, “customized to my life” visualization. It impacts my subconscious mind, which translates to my thoughts and actions. The quality of the course content in the process of the course is extremely thorough and wildly exceeded my expectations. Every area of my life was inventoried and evaluated, and a vision and a pathway was created to take me towards the results I desire in every important area of my life. I am now seeing the results show up in my life as I follow through with the process.

—Tom Neblett

For business owners looking to accelerate their success both personally and professionally, this course is for you. In a relatively short amount of time, you can dive deep and create a system that  impacts the key areas of your life. You no longer need to choose between personal or business growth. You can have both. You can actually impact your daily actions and thoughts. The magic is it only takes 12 minutes a day.

—Rochelle Lisner

I encourage you to send us an email and let's schedule a time to talk one-on-one about your life and whether Think It Be It is appropriate for your precious life.