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We teach you a 12 minute a day mental technique. It applies the "central concept" of the top book in the world on SUCCESS to your life. It becomes your new morning routine.Click the green button to attend our free webinar.

Apply the “Top Book In The World on Success”…to YOUR life.

A surprising fact about success. There is one book on the topic that’s been read by over 100 million people. Whereas the next best selling book on success has been read by less than 10 million people. That book is Think and Grow Rich. So it’s the top book in the world on SUCCESS & ACHIEVEMENT by a factor of 10! Yet only one in six people has ever heard of it. And only one in 100 knows the book’s central concept. Yet everyone wants to be more successful and improve their outcomes.

Think and Grow Rich says there’s a “secret” to creating success. But the book only gives you half of the secret. It’s on you to figure out the other half. That’s why less than 1% of those who’ve read it are able to apply the wisdom of this legendary book. In our free webinar, we give you the full secret, and the book’s central concept. Most importantly, we explain how to apply it each day in your new morning routine.

It’s way different than any morning routine you’ve ever tried before. Because it’s highly customized to you and your unique life.

This 12-minute-a-day mental technique
improves your outcomes in life…

Primarily impacting your annual income, but also increasing your success in your romantic relationship as well as controlling your health and appearance. This works because it makes you more focused, disciplined, and leveraged. Impacting the very thing that determines your success – your everyday actions, which are controlled by your ongoing thoughts and mindset.

This is all driven by creating immense clarity. Starting with a succinct personal “mission statement” that drives your life, along with the specific actions you need to take in each area of your life. So every day you’re feeding yourself exactly the person you want to be, exactly what you want to accomplish, and precisely how you can achieve your clearly defined goals. After 21 days, the science kicks in. And what you’re feeding yourself daily starts to show up in your thoughts and actions automatically, without thinking. That’s how this works.

The emotional benefit? This 12-minute-a-day technique gives you a sense of CONTROL over your life, beyond what you’ve ever experienced before. This significantly reduces stress . You begin living a life of immense intention and clarity. You attract what you want, repel what you don’t. We’re sharing with you a new way of “thinking”, a new way of doing life.

Credibility – this is taught at one of the top
universities in the country

Today the creator of this 12-minute-a-day mental technique teaches it at the University of Texas at Austin.  Appreciate the profound logic of this. You’re applying the central concept of the top book in the world on success to YOUR life. This is working smarter. It’s for the serious players in the “game of life”. People driven to achieve more. Is that you? 

John Mitchell

The teachers

When John Mitchell turned 50, he wasn’t as successful as he thought he should be. So he decided to find the “Top Book in the World” on success and achievement. Then apply it word for word to his life. That book is Think and Grow Rich. But upon reading it, he discovered a problem. There wasn’t a practical way to apply the book’s central concept. Wanting “The Exceptional Life,” and feeling the pressure at 50 that time was running out, John created a 12-minute-a-day mental technique, as his new morning routine. It applies the legendary book’s central concept. Over nine years he continually refined this daily mental technique. And over that time he saw his income go up by 25 times, over what it was the prior 20 years as an entrepreneur. To over $5 million a year. Also met his wife from doing it. He then made it work on other people, as you can see from our many testimonials.

Then he introduced this daily mental technique to Kelly Hatfield. It took her annual earnings to seven figures a year as well. Kelly eventually became John’s partner. Today John is on the faculty of one the “TOP 10” business schools in the country – The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. He’s been an entrepreneur for over 35 years. Kelly is a successful entrepreneur in her own right. With over 10 years experience as an entrepreneur, developing three multi-million dollar a year businesses.

Together John and Kelly teach this daily mental technique to people “DRIVEN” to achieve more.This becomes their new morning routine, giving them a true “advantage” in life, the unfair EDGE. 

The science

The book Think and Grow Rich explains the concept of applying SCIENCE to your life… to “UP” your success. Have you ever thought of doing that? If not, doesn’t it makes sense, at this point in your life, to apply that novel idea to YOUR life? Especially when it’s science from the top book in the world (by a factor of 10) on success and achievement.

This works because you’re impacting your ongoing thoughts, which drive your everyday actions. Those are the 2 things that actually determine your achievement in each area of your life.

By influencing your ongoing thoughts, you’re then impacting your CONTROL OF SELF and FOCUS. And those are the two things behavioral science now proves, based on 30 years of research, differentiates the mega-achievers from the moderately successful. The compelling science behind our 12-minute-a-day mental technique was explained in a Time Magazine cover story.

Our program is unique in the success & human achievement field because everything else are strategies. Often very good strategies. But you have strategies coming out your ears. What you need is a practical way to get those great strategies to show up in your ongoing thoughts and everyday actions. That’s exactly what our 12-minute-a-day mental technique accomplishes. And that’s why our program is  like no other in the success and human achievement field.

We feel blessed …and want to share what we’ve created with you. Our 12 minute a day mental technique is today the top application in the world, of the top book in the world, on SUCCESS. Learn how to apply it to your life by taking our free webinar.

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