The opportunity to create a higher level of achievement in sports is substantial given how the human mind works.

The conscious mind sets the intention and is influenced by logic. The subconscious mind controls a person’s everyday actions and ongoing thoughts. It’s influenced by approximate 21 days of repetition.

Since players actions are controlled by the subconscious mind, raising their performance requires a subconscious mind solution. As an example, in football a wide receiver should catch the ball in their hands. That’s the conscious mind intention. But actually making that happen is a function of the subconscious mind. By simply repeating that command to the subconscious mind every day, after approximately 21 days the player will unconsciously and automatically catch the football in their hands. How that is stated to an individual player will vary by player, in words that uniquely resonate for him.

Here’s a baseball example. A hitter is at the plate right before the pitcher winds up. In that moment before the pitch is delivered, the hitter needs to feel confident and clearly see the ball. By daily programming the subconscious mind, those things happen unconsciously and automatically after approximately 21 days.

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