A Simple Explanation

Think It’s Hard To Increase Your Current Level Of Success? Think Again.

Are you as successful as you think you should be? Consider what happened to me at age 50. I had two goals. To make enough money so I’d never have to work. Secondly, to find a spectacular woman to share my life with. I had fallen short on both.

But when I turned 51, I discovered something amazing. I read the book Think and Grow Rich, the greatest selling book on success ever written. The central concept of the book is “what you envision in detail-with emotion, on a daily basis, is what shows up in your life.” Only one problem- there wasn’t a practical way to apply this great book. I rectified that…with the technique I’m about to share with you. Suddenly I could do things I couldn’t do before. I also “saw” things I’d never seen before. End result was it caused my annual income in my 50s go up by 20 times over what was in my 30s and 40s. It also allowed me to find the woman of my dreams and get married.

Why did that happen? More control over myself.

Today the average person has only about 20% control over themselves. I can show you a way to double or triple that. For me, it’s been the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced.

The Human Mind-How It Works

The conscious mind sets your intention and is influenced by logic. Your subconscious mind controls your everyday actions and thoughts. It’s influenced by repetition.

Your subconscious mind has an amazing goal-striving mechanism built into it. Unfortunately, most people provide it only a general view of what they want. The results are poor. Alternatively, if you provide your goal-striving mechanism with a crisp, clear, and specific vision, your results are specific, spectacular and automatic.

A Simple Tool for Taking Command of Your Mind…  and Your Life

I developed a daily visualization system called Think it…Be it®, a simple technique to engage your subconscious mind and goal-striving mechanism for 8- minutes each day. It will be highly effective for you because it’s customized to YOUR unique life. Your visualization is written by an expert in psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, goal setting and the science of success. It compresses your life (the “ideal” you, your goals and your unique path to success) onto one sheet of paper, front and back. You simply read it every morning. It changes as you change. This works because your subconscious mind controls your everyday actions and thoughts. After approximately 21 days you subconsciously begin to take actions aligned with what you read each morning. You “BECOME” what you read each day.

The Results Are Clear

If you have a subconscious mind (and everybody does), it works. I’m blessed to be teaching Think it…Be it at the University of Texas in Austin. A major sports team, as well as some high-achiever clients, are currently using the technique. In a very short time they’ve experienced:

  • Substantially increased income. From having more clarity over what “moves the needle” in their income. Then focusing their time and creativity in those areas…which happens automatically.
  • Better health and fitness. Through a heightened sense of discipline, that happens automatically.
  • Stronger relationship with their “significant other.” Reignites the spark… by each of them becoming a better, more thoughtful partner.
  • More happiness. The mind thrives on order but is naturally inclined to be negative. Their visualization creates order and gives them way more control over eliminating negative thoughts.

Who Think It…Be It is Designed For

It’s for the high achiever who wants to “UP” their game, something that’s not normally easy to do. But in life, there are moments where your trajectory is altered. Learning this 8-minute a day technique was one of those moments for me. It may be for you as well. I’ll show you exactly how to use that powerful and wonderful subconscious mind of yours as a valuable tool that you can proactively use to increase your success and achievement in life. This customized visualization technique gives you a level of control over yourself beyond what you’ve ever experienced before. It also injects the TOP 10 “principles of success” into your life. The combination allows you to do things you can’t do today. Once you experience for yourself that what you read each morning actually shows up in your life later each day, and does so automatically, it’s life altering. That’s why my passion today is to share with you how easy it is to “UP” your level of success and achievement in career, health, and relationships. Even for a high achiever like you.

John Mitchell, CPA

P.S. – If you’d like a more in-depth overview of Think it…Be it®, or the science behind it…. as explained in a Time Magazine cover story, check out our Executive Summary or our detailed User’s Guide. Also watch our five-minute testimonial video which explains the process.