To the entrepreneur

You’re successful. You’re proud of that, as you should be.

But there’s a problem. You want a truly “Exceptional Life,” and you see that earning six figures a year just won’t get you there. That “Exceptional Life” can only happen “if” you begin making over $1 million a year.

The reason that’s not happening today is not your fault. You’ve been missing one key piece of information, and it causes you to have less than 20% control of yourself. Let me show you how making one small change in your life can exponentially change your results.

Over 9 years, I was blessed to build a $25 million a year business. It started as a one-man operation, with no revenues, no profits. I ultimately had 175 employees & netted over $5 million a year. Previously, I had only “average” success as an entrepreneur. Here’s how that impacts you.

I was determined to begin making over $1 million a year. But I realized it wouldn’t happen unless I materially “upped” my game, and began operated at an even higher level each and every day. I was able to do that by creating a 12 minute a day methodology …that YOU can replicate.

Today my 12-minute-a-day methodology is recognized as the “Top Application in the World” of the legendary book Think and Grow Rich, the greatest selling book on success and achievement ever written.

As you consider this for yourself, understand that this is ONLY for people who are serious about increasing their success in life. Where more success and achievement is an absolute necessity! For most people, more success is merely a “preference”. If you’re the exception,  let me tell you more of my story.

CREATE SELF MASTERY. This short educational video explains how my 12-minute-a-day technique is customized to your unique, one-of-a-kind life. It also explains the science behind it, which was profiled in a Time magazine cover story.

Your life changes – The “EXCEPTIONAL LIFE” begins.

When you begin making over $1 million a year,  your life truly changes.

An exceptional life begins.

The lifestyle

The outward changes are obvious. You have that paid for, multimillion dollar house you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe it’s a house on the lake. Or maybe it’s living in an exclusive, gated community – with that spectacular view you’ve always wanted. Or maybe it’s having acreage.

As to your car, you tool around town in the car of your dreams. Maybe it’s that cool Mercedes two-seater, a new Jaguar convertible, the high-end Tesla, or a Bentley.

Then every year you take a cool vacation. One year it’s a month in Italy at Lake Como. The next year you’re hanging out in London, touring England and France for three or four weeks. Or maybe it’s going to the Galapagos Islands.

Your significant other

More quality time to spend with your significant other, to make the focused effort to finally make that part of your life great as well. That really impacts your happiness way more than anything else. You finally create a balanced life, for the first time ever.                                                                                  

Vacations, your hobbies and a balanced life . . . for the first time ever

You have more time to enjoy cool vacation. One year it’s a month in Italy at Lake Como. The next year you’re hanging out in London, touring England and France for three or four weeks. Or maybe it’s going to the Galapagos Islands.

You also have time to really pursue your hobbies. Maybe it’s golf, tennis, or playing guitar on your porch with that spectacular view, or playing with a band.

The best part . . .
is what’s going on in your head.

Peace of mind

Now you have that after-tax nest egg sitting in the bank. Your investments generate income beyond what you spend each month. Financial worry is gone. You can spend money on whatever you want (within reason) without worrying about it. It’s a wonderful feeling to savor.

The freedom

For the first time in your life, you finally have freedom. You’re no longer tethered to having to earn a living. Because a daily grind is over, you have freedom to spend your time anyway you want. And do that every day! This newfound freedom is like a breath of fresh air… that you been gasping for all your life.

If you work

You work less, and do so on a schedule that suits you. You’re getting up at 8 AM instead of 5:30 AM. And since the daily grind is over, you can finally see the forest for the trees. The result is now your primary job in this company you built is providing the “big picture” direction for your company.

Now the heavy lifting of running your company on a daily basis is shifted other people’s shoulders. And you then do what you do best, leveraging your talents in a way you never could before. You’re working 30 hours a week, instead of 60+ hours a week you have for most your life. Interestingly, you’re now more effective than ever – because you’ve leveraged and really playing to your strengths. Your enjoyment of your work goes up exponentially.

Your feeling about yourself is changed

By attaining the goal of netting over $1 million a year, you have an ongoing feeling of accomplishment that is constantly flowing through your veins. It’s with you all the time, and it’s amazing. You feel great about yourself. That’s something money can’t buy. Your confidence soars and you’re playing at the top of your game like never before.

A life of significance and meaning for you

And because you feel so incredibly blessed, you want to give back. You want to help others who will help themselves. It gives your life meaning. Maybe is starting a private foundation around a cause that is important to you, like giving deserving kids a college education. Or taking your special talents and gifts and using them to help others less fortunate than you. Or maybe it’s teaching at your alma mater. It’s your dent in the universe.

The end result is you create and live an “Exceptional Life”. You’re finally living the dream, because you had the presence of mind to fundamentally change how you create success and achievement in your life. And as you will see, it’s actually easier than you think. 12 minutes a day.

What You’ll Learn

How to apply a 21st century operating system to run your life.

If you do no daily programming currently, then you are you’re using the “default” operating system to run your life. It’s centuries old and gears you to daily survival. It affects you in three ways:

  • 90% of your thoughts to be fear-based.
  • You have less than 20% control of yourself.
  • It gears you innately to be reactive, rather than proactive. That’s opposite of how you need to be, in order to be happy, creative and productive on your important agenda.

Not knowing this one key piece of information has been holding you back, in terms of your outcomes. Through the Think It Be It, 12 minute day methodology, we overlay a 21st operating system.

1) How to significantly increase your control over yourselfFrom the less than 20% control you have today to typically double that.

2) How to be laser focused daily on ONLY the 2-3 things that move the needle in your business.All distractions fall by the wayside.

3) How to take your existing business vision and add significant detail to it.

4) How to have “great ideas from true experts” flowing into your head weekly. With no additional time commitment on your part.

5) How to continuously “evolve” your vision for your business, in a way that’s 20 times faster than it does today …by applying science to your life.

6) How to do goalsetting in a way you’ve never done before. Using a surprisingly simple, highly effective method based on measuring your key behaviors.

7) How to get more hours out of your day – by using a simple daily and weekly “To Do” system. It highlights your Top 3 priorities.

8) How to consistently stimulate your creativity 3 times a weekYou’re your company’s most valuable asset! Start leveraging that more than you do today.

9) Acquire the knowledge of the “TOP 10” things you must know as an entrepreneur, in order to net over $1 million a year.

The end result?

What you envision in detail, you actually create! It’s truly like a superpower. I say that in all seriousness. In reality, it’s simply applying science to your life …for the first time ever.

But you must have the discipline to take 12 minutes a day and feed that vision to yourself every single day. And when you do, there’s an added benefit. It also causes your vision to expand 20 times quicker than it ever has before. Again, that’s the science kicking in. You quickly come to appreciate that your detailed vision is your most valuable asset. You’re truly operating at an even higher level than you do today, each and every day, and it shows up in your income.

And one last thought . . .

If other people are making over $1 million a year in your industry, you can too. You know that’s true. I provide the path and foundation for you to achieve this in your life.  And when you begin getting over $1 million a year, your life is forever changed!

Program Structure

Our approach:

Most things in the success and human achievement field are “strategies”, and only impact your intentions. But intentions are not the problem. Ultimately your achievement in life comes down to your daily actions…and thoughts. Using our 12 minute a day methodology, we influence the part of your brain that controls your daily actions …and thoughts.

Using our methodology, we overlay a 21st-century operating system. It takes 12 minutes a day and three things will happen:                                                                                 

1) Significantly increases your control of yourself. By approximately double what it is today. 

2) Your ongoing personal growth is substantially increased. And it’s done in a way that takes no additional time out of your busy schedule. 

3) Focuses you every day ONLY on the 2-3 things that move the needle in your business.

And this daily programming is customized to your unique, one-of-a-kind, life.

The end result is you operate an even higher level than you do today. Significantly higher. And it shows up in your income. It’s really a new way of thinking. A proven “system” for creating success in your life, based on the top book ever written on success and achievement. It truly gives you the foundation to earn over $1 million a year.

Applied to an entrepreneur

You will learn how to articulate and feed to yourself every day the following:

1) Your concise business plan.
2) Your unique strategy for success.
3) The 2-3 things that move the needle in your business.

4) How your unique talent is deployed in the business.
5) An articulation of the culture you’re building.
6) The value of your time.

You will be taught the nuances of doing this by John Mitchell. He’s been where you want to go-consistently netting over seven figures a year as an entrepreneur. He shows you how to concisely and effectively articulate those things so two things happen:

1) Your detailed vision shows up in your daily actions & thoughts automatically, without thinking.      

2) Your vision & strategy for your business evolves 20 times faster than it ever has before.  

John explains why feeding this succinct vision for your business to yourself each day causes that to happen. You’ll come to appreciate that your detailed vision is your most valuable asset.

Video online course

There are six components of the course. They correspond to the six key “Takeaways” from the legendary book Think and Grow Rich. We teach you our program through an online course that you can do at your own pace. You’ll also learn the science behind our program, which explains in detail why the program is so effective.  

Cost of the program – $1,795

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

Credibility of Our Program

Listed below are the three primary credibility factors associated with the Think It Be It program.

1) The legendary book Think and Grow Rich.

Doesn’t it therefore make sense to work smarter by applying, to your precious life, the top book in the world on success and achievement ever written? The think It Be It program is recognized as the “Top Application in the World” of this legendary book.

John Mitchell

2) The teacher

And doesn’t it make sense to learn it from John Mitchell, someone who’s been where you want to go. Who has a history of making mid-seven figures a year. And someone that’s on the faculty of one the top business schools in the country – The McCombs School of Business, and teaches his 12 minute a day methodology at the University of Texas at Austin.


3) The science

And lastly, doesn’t it makes sense to take your current level of success and achievement to an even higher level by applying science to your life. To impact your everyday actions …and ongoing thoughts. Those are the things that actually determine your success and achievement in life. This may be the first time you’ve ever truly applied science to your life on a daily basis.

But by doing so, you’re then impacting your control of self and focus. And those are exactly the two things behavioral science now proves differentiates the mega-achievers from the moderately successful. The compelling science behind this was explained in a Time Magazine cover story.

It’s the combination of these factors that makes our program’s credibility second to none.


To sign up for our program or to learn more, schedule a 30-minute one-on-one call with John Mitchell.